Sunday, July 06, 2008
Kindle Review
Base10 broke down and bought a Kindle with his stimulus check this week. I just got it and have been using it steadily. While I had my doubts, I must admit it is a pretty neat device. Whether it is the future of reading as some people claim remains to be seen. YOu can check out the official product page here.

The "e-ink" technology that is used by this and other devices is remarkable. I was able to read on the device for an extended period of time without getting the eyestrain that I normally get when reading off of an lcd or crt screen. With the good come the bad though. There's no backlight. While the device is easy to read in daylight, you need good ambient light to read (much like a real book). BTW, it's excellent on the subway.

The kindle store is very well done, having all of the current bestsellers. The device also has potential in the academic arena. Princeton has announced its support for textbooks on the device.

As far as other content goes, you can get subscriptions to magazines (I tried Time) newspapers (I tried the Times and the Journal) and blogs. The blog feature seems superfluous since you can read RSS feeds with the browser on the device. I also don't see the need for the magazines, since the content will at most be updated only weekly. I do find myself reading the newspapers on the device regularly. It's nice to have the Times available on the subway without having an internet connection.

It is not a perfect device. It seems to toy-like. I would like the device to have aq little heft to it. In addition, the side buttons that control paging are overly sensitive. In addition, the design team should have taken a lesson from Apple--the color scheme for this device is rather dull.

All in all, I'm happy with it. But I'm still learning how to use it.
I bought a Kindle as a Christmas gift to myself (how about that!) several months ago. I enjoy using it, and have already downloaded and read several books. I hadn't heard the news about Princeton University making textbooks available -- that's interesting. As more people purchase the Kindle, more downloads should become available as publishers seek to keep up with consumer buying trends.

Not All E Ink is the Same - Kindle Uses "Pearl", the Latest Generation E Ink for 50% Better Contrast
When considering an ereader, you should ensure that you are getting a device with the latest generation E Ink technology, referred to as "Pearl". Our all-new Kindle uses Pearl, resulting in the best reading experience possible with 50% better contrast and the sharpest text. named our Pearl display a "Best of What's New 2010" winner stating, "The newest Kindle's most impressive achievement (among others, including a reduced size and a slashed price) is its E Ink Pearl screen, which is just an absolute pleasure to behold."
How Electronic Ink Works
Electronic ink screens work using ink, just like books and newspapers, but display the ink particles electronically. People who see the display for the first time do a double take because the screen looks like real paper.
No Eye Strain - Reads Like Real Paper, Not a Computer Screen
Kindle's electronic ink display is ideal for reading because it does not create the same eyestrain as reading on traditional backlit LCD tablets or laptops.
Clearer Text and the Sharpest Display
Electronic ink uses actual ink to create crisp, print-like text similar to what you see in a physical book. Kindle's proprietary, hand-built fonts take advantage of the special characteristics of the ink to make letters clear and sharp.
No Glare, Even in Bright Sunlight
Kindle's screen reflects light like ordinary paper, eliminating the glare created by backlit LCD displays on tablets or smart phones. Kindle can be read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room.
Longer Battery Life
Electronic ink screens require no power to maintain a page of text, allowing you to read for up to a month on a single charge versus hours on a tablet or smart phone. This low power consumption also means that Kindle, unlike a laptop, never gets warm so you can comfortably read as long as you like.
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